Cuefx Band mixtape 2013

by Cuefx Band



Cuefx Band is a music production and liveact collective with it's main focus on modern electronic music and contemporary club sounds and flavours mixed together with jazz and avant-garde.


released 20 July 2012



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Cuefx Band Poland


cuefx live-band members are:

Jacek ‘Cuefx’ Latoń - producer, composer, arranger, electronics

Agnieszka Twardoch - vocalist, lyrics writer

Aleksander Papierz - saxophonist, electronics

Robert Zajac - guitarist, electronics

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Track Name: We have to land
We have to land

I think that something goes wrong
I think that I’m blameing your heart
I wrote your face in my mind
My eyes can see it so bright.

Be careful cause I made of the glass
On move I can turn into dust.

Ref: We see the ocean, one clumsy moonspark
How long we drift through this strange town
I lost my conscious, I’d run so far
I feel we have to land

II. I guess that we’re prisoners of life
But some folks I’ve heard
Were to frightening to be told
Maybe the lightways were treatchereous
Maybe we shouldn’t cross the border line

One little nightmare I’ve touched
Few shining whispers before we’ll brake the bones.

III. How could I let you boil the blood inside
My biggest wish was drenched in wine
I thought my flesh was white and pure and glam
The ghost world was good place to hide

We see the landscape, children playing loud
How long we walk between that bloodless stones
I lost my vision I’d run too far
I feel we have to fly…

IV. My premonition is cold
Two frozen shadows sitting close to me
Where left my lover, my friend?
It was the monster I let in my bed!
Don’t hear the voice of your heart
There’s broken tones, and there’s no rhyme
You lost the vision, faith in love
You always run too far…
It’s so easy to pull the trigger when you are beside me.
Track Name: Our personal zoo (extended)
Our personal zoo (lyrics)

Sit in my room I feel the gloom outsider
And this strange thoughts blow out in my mind
Maybe my soul is drunk, maybe I thought you could be mine.
Eternity is going touch the ground
But my misguide as usually let you down
Maybe my rules are tuff, maybe my world is not for love.

I’m melting the ice-cubes, the things going easy
The hours are growing, my refrain is done.

Spinning & bouncing in this little cabin
Spinning & bouncing in this little cabin
Spinnin’ & bouncin’, bouncin’, bouncin’…

Yeah, maybe you’re right, maybe I’m a little bit too fast
But I want so much see us in our personal zoo…
Track Name: It's not a disaster

I. Every step I make is first
Every breath I take is last
Violet tree I’ve known was changed
My hidden place to crying is gone

Like newborn baby sleepin’ soft
It’s easy to put my life to the grave
My secret should be never told
My psycho song today is done.

Save me from myself
Glue me to the ground
Sometimes makes me high
Sometimes makes me down

Let me once to be the one
Let me one to feel it!

II. Spasm in the night alone
Bright when the day is done
Kill after lovin’ storm
That telling me that I was wrong…

Ref: Save me from myself…

Coda: It’s not a disaster when planets crush themselves…
Track Name: Cosmic drive (extended)
Cosmic Drive

I. Will this spacecruise ever end? No. no. no….
Maybe we are lost, lost, maybe we are…
Do you see the pink elephant? No. no .no….
He’s sitting on a green cloud and dancing!

II. I think this satisfied my lips
I thing you’re gonna make me blind
Maybe I could be your little puppet
Take my strings and make me dance!

Ref: Can you feel that cosmis drive?
Can you see the stars above?
Can you feel that cosmic drive?
Never let you be alone

Oh, Babe I feel this spacecruise will never end
And it takes our troubles away
We can only admire marvelous views
And count the stars…

Ref: Can you feel…